Leadership Coaching

Purpose Driven for Creativity, Inclusion and Success. 


We specialise in your future

We help you to build a strong personal foundation for self-leadership, like roots grounding down and nutting out the authentic version of self. So often we are lost in the hustle and bustle of life that we lose connection to our inner purpose and inner peace.

We then branch out to incorporate others in your sphere, be it at work, socially or in your family structure. We then broaden our horizon to lead further afield, whether your reach is community, local or global, we will help you get there.

We will work with you individually or with you and your team to achieve your desired results.

Our goal is to make inclusion and workplace harmony a foundation for success on which to build a thriving business. We will hold you accountable for your goals and help you with strategies to achieve your ownpersonal success.

Relationship Building

It is said that all problems are interpersonal problems, we will iron these out so your relationships thrive instead of survive.


These 'soft skills' are irreplaceable in the age of technology and well honed skills will make you stand out from the crowd and will make you an attractive proposition in life and in the market place.

Goal Setting 

Knowing where we are going helps us to focus our energies in the right direction. We will continually check back in with your goals as we move forward creating momentum.


We are continually building our coaching relationship and being accountable for our impact on our world and others, feedback is a very important strategy in the coaching process and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Profitable Investments

Your people are your most valuable assets, know how to service them well and in return they will develop a culture of success for you and your company. At The Great (Up) Leveller we believe that everybody has something to contribute in the scheme of things, our desire is to bring out the best in you and your abilities to lead from within.

Life &/or Leadership Coaching

The coaching service is designed to benefit your needs, so please feel free to contact us for more details of how we can help and to see if we are the right fit. We don't accept every client but after a detailed conversation we will be better versed to determine if the relationship will benefit us both and we can make progress with the coaching. Clients need to be prepared to be coached. This is not a consultancy service. We will be asking you to dig deep and many people find this an uncomfortable but necessary process to grow.

Qualified Coaching

All services are delivered by a fully qualified coach.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are here to service you and your satisfaction is paramount to us. We will join with you to create a working environment of trust and growth where mutual responsibility to achieve outcomes is taken. At The Great (Up) Leveller our values are key to our success.

Customer Support

We are available to coach face to face in your office or ours, online, via Skype/Zoom or by telephone. Our goal is to make the coaching relationship as seamless and as convenient as possible so various modes of operating is available and support is always at hand.


At The Great (Up) Leveller we offer life coaching, team building, group dynamics, personal leadership, mediation and conflict resolution, communication and relationship coaching, public speaking, writing and classes in relaxation, breathwork and meditation.

Kim is an amazing person. Highly recommended

Sarah Gilbert

Lovely class! Kim is driven by sharing her energy with people.

Chuch Panesar

An excellent class in a beautiful environment.

Julia King

What a treat! Kim, you really have a knack for this modality. I felt safe, nurtured, well-attended to, relaxed and invigorated by the end. Highly recommended.

Danielle Mondial

We provide information, coaching, training,
mediation and other services

We provide a holistic approach to developing the whole person, so satisfaction is obtained in all areas of life. If you give your workers the freedom to contribute their best attributes without trying to micro-manage the outcome, their success will far outweigh your previous expectations. People feel good about serving at their highest level if given the space to do so. The Great (Up) Leveller is committed to open and honest communication to obtain a healthy work/life culture where everybody can be proud and motivated by their ability to contribute for the greater service of the whole.

About Us

A message from Kim Balmanno, CEO of The Great (Up) Leveller:

"It gives me great pleasure to work in the coaching industry with like-minded individuals and groups of people with the desire to truly go to the next level in their personal and professional lives. Their dedication to growth, knowledge and contribution invigorate me every day. The coaching relationship is really a two-way street where the commitment from the coachee is fundamental to the attainability of the envisioned goals. And the constant wins and successes of my clients reassures me that the coaching process is a necessary tool in the ever-changing world that we are navigating. On the surface life seems more complicated but at its essence it is and always will be made of the same simple truths. My knack is to uncomplicate life and start working on building a strong and durable foundation on which to truly grow and developing a sturdy vehicle in which to take flight."

A little bit of History

The Great (Up) Leveller started life as a desire to up-level all of us to an equal playing field, where poverty is eradicated and opportunity is available to everybody in an equal weighing. The hope is that we are able to create a village of mentors and leaders that can pass on knowledge to those coming behind them. By offering a hand of hope we are able to advance our consciousness to realise that the old system of patriarchy and control no longer serves us. So with this mindset of inclusivity and creating an environment of shared values and encouragement to live into our full potential, a community was born.  

With these concepts in the workplace, businesses are thriving and proving that the old adage that your business is as good as the people working there is in fact true. I have worked in many places where the morale was low and it certainly impacted the bottom line, let alone, staff retention. Some of the most progressive companies are already embracing this philosophy and with the age of automation imminent the necessity for up-levelling our 'soft skills' of communication and inter-personal relationships could not be more pressing.

In the 1600's, during the English Civil War and according to Wikipedia, there was a social movement called the Levellers, their ethos was for a more just and fair society, where there was 'equality before the law and religious tolerance'. They were committed to 'popular sovereignty and extended suffrage'. They emphasised equal, natural rights and petitioned with pamphlets. As a creative arts student and former journalist with an equal burning desire for a just society, it was an easy decision for me to embrace our forefather's determination and don the sea green in my logo as a salute to them as The Levellers of the past wore sea-green ribbons and sprigs of Rosemary to identify themselves. Let's together continue the mission for freedom.

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